Chalking out new motivational strategies.

( Collaterals - Giveaways - Web App Design & Development )

Johnson Controls is a leading global technology and industrial organization with operations in over 150 countries. Johnson Controls provides sustainable solutions to optimize energy and operational efficiencies across a diverse market.

With an internal strength of 170,000 employees, the organization recognizes the importance of employee motivation and communication, engagement and leadership. Values that powered the company’s upcoming internal employee motivation campaign. To put theory into practice, Johnson Controls was looking to leverage its internal strategies through effective visual and creative translation and representation.

The result – a series of print and digital communications including posters, roll-up banners, creative giveaways and a website application on the company’s website.

Collectively, the collaterals were engaging and informative, reformative and educational – eventually relaying an underlying message about
the importance of employee contribution in the day-to-day running of the organization.

The communication demanded a balance of business-like visuals with chalk-like graphics.
A visual chalk treatment symbolically represented the educational aspect of the campaign, while making the learning process fun and experimental.