Orange Blossom

Serving up sweet somethings with design.

( Logo - Branding - Visual Identity - Collaterals - Packaging )

Hobby-turned home-fav bakery, Orange Blossom Bakery quickly became a popular joint serving American and British style cakes and cupcakes in Dubai. Using sweet top-of-the-line ingredients, Orange Blossom grew into a brand known to friends and friends-of-friends through word-of-mouth. What this rapidly growing brand needed though, was a brand look and feel. A brand that needed match its taste appeal.

Catchy, and the owner’s own creation, we had a great name begin with. The look and feel was clean and quirky. The logo was symbolic of what they serve, with an orange-blossom cherry on top. Clean curves and edges of the logo were the perfect mix of a welcoming, yet corporate brand personality.

Collaterals and over all visual identity was fresh and contemporary. Color palette was warm, yet exciting. In fact, just warm enough to serve this freshly baked brand.