Packaging Minds & Wings

( Package Design - Package Skin Design )

A pitch for Red Bull called for all wings on deck. A lesson learnt in brand strategy. Working for Red Bull meant accepting their decision to focus on personalities, minds and mindsets. Instead of targeting a conventional target audience profile. Red Bull is a brand not bound by location. Or flavor. It’s energy is addictive and one that cannot be contained within a can. While most of branding and advertising is done in Austria, Red Bull decided to set up design shop in the Middle East, particularly Dubai.

They called us to pitch for a packaging project that required local experience and marketability. Red Bull wanted to design a special edition packaging with four different flavors that would exclusively be available at Dubai DutyFree at the Dubai International Airport.

The brief was simple. Our approach, self-explanatory. With the theme of the airport, we knew we needed an on-the-go concept.
A concept that leveraged – and physically embodied the idea of handling, transportation, storage, stacking, loading and unloading.

Thus, the concept of Container.

A Container with a window allowed each flavor to peak through.

And customization of each skin gave room to dress the container for different mindsets – for instance, graffiti for art lovers, football themes for sports lovers, rock-n-roll for music lovers,
and so on.

With each skin the container held up to its creative potential, allowing us to present a concept that held up to the brief.