Yataghan Jewellery

Designing a brand for contemporary jewellery.

( Visual Identity - Collaterals - Website - Digital Advertising )

Yataghan is a brand of contemporary jewellery with a striking personality and passionate ideology. The brand shares the designer’s innate quality of inspiring everyone – everywhere. A brand that romances the craft and the craftsmanship.
At the time, Yataghan was looking to extend its brand into a complete entity. Collaterals, visual identity and website all followed the branding essence with maximum white space with graphic design sensibilities, allowing the audience to experience the jewellery and the craftsmanship closely.

We complemented the design by creating a signature Yataghan pattern that highlights the letter ‘Y’ in the logo in a unique way.Our overall approach was to ensure the product was in focus at all times.

Entering the digital-sphere, the brand was seeking a way to provide its audience easy online access and exposure to the brand.

The result – a winning logo with a dynamic palette, clean edges, precise mathematical construction, riddled with creative expression and contemporary minimalism.
Next steps; we implemented the logo on collaterals, on the website, across visual identity elements and on information design – following a set of brand rules and guidelines.
Information design was an integral part of the process with easy to understand – easier to read information presented in a clean and compelling layout. Original iconography helped illustrate information and effective use of color and fonts read information