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KidZania is the leading venue in UAE that caters to children, and creates a private world of their own – taking daycare to a whole new level.

With the brand revamping its marketing strategy during the slow summer months, Elephant were selected to lead the creative and digital communications, and zummer camp was born as the flagship campaign during the period.

During the course of the summer, the brand communications focused on showcasing the venue as an attractive proposition for children, as well as raising awareness among parents to encourage footfall and participation in the zummer camp packages. Content and videos were designed to display the different types of camps, in an attractive way that maintains the brand’s lighthearted and child-friendly tone.

In addition to the Zummer Camp campaign, the brand communications focused on online bookings, and an offer was created and focused on to drive a higher number of online sales.

The brand also aimed to provide highly interactive content, especially designed for kids. Parents would download such content, and then re-upload their children’s results online.

Throughout the months of June and July, KidZania Dubai’s online communities achieved great results online, and more importantly, drove more fans to interact and visit the venue.