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After the success of our Casio Daily Trivia campaign, our challenge was to keep the momentum up for a digital account that has just been revived. Our collection of new fans had to be kept on their feet with another campaign that would challenge their wits, and keep them lively, engaged and enjoying their time with Casio Education.

Our answer was to use the Nostalgia factor; We created Classwiz Brain Crush.

With Classwiz Braincrush, we collaborated with Carrefour UAE and rode the nostalgia storm that erupts when people play a game of Tetris, and used it to appeal to our Nostalgic Casio fans – people who have used the Casio calculator or are still using it in their daily activities. Not only is the game addictive and fun, it also ties to the vision of the brand: to educate people and keep their minds fresh and alert.

The game asked of people to add up the numbers of the boxes on the screen so that their total matches the amount in the displayed box on the right – Simple yet extremely addictive as the levels rise up!

The application was available to fans in English & Arabic, and the prizes kept the fans on their toes, while the leaderboard function kept them competing for the highest score, while engaging with Casio and continuing the success that started with Daily Trivia, and taking it to the next level.

The ongoing campaign is resulting in a huge buzz on the Casio Education as well as the Carrefour UAE page, as fans continue to interact and test their merit with the addictive game.

‘Classwiz Braincrush’ is on its way to supersede the high numbers from the daily trivia campaign, and as a result maintain the consistency at which it serves as a reliable platform for Casio audiences in the Middle East.


Casio Electronic Musical Instruments was a well known brand that had a huge amount of potential: It was part of the Casio Corporate Tycoon, and it promoted what we all know and love: music.

Our challenge was to kickstart the heart of the Casio Musical Instruments world by enlightening fans with its engaging content, and gaining a new plethora of audiences in the process.

Our answer was the Casio Music Master Campaign. We challenged fans to prove that they are the Casio Music Masters by answering a series of questions for a chance to win a SA-77 Piano from Casio. The questions were simple and straight to the point, and dealt with topics that casual fans are familiar with but have to go the extra mile to find the answers to.

The result was a complete revival of a page that was stagnating in terms of it’s engagement, uniqueness & impressions.

Comments, shares & likes skyrocketed at a rate unheard of before the campaign, as people strived to enter the draw to win with Casio. The questions were posted on a weekly basis in English & in Arabic, and whoever got a right answered entered a raffle that could win them a new piano. It was a giant leap of a first step to revive Casio Musical Instruments, and paved the way for greater things to come.

As a result of the campaign month, the Casio Musical Instruments page was given the boost that it needed. Fans showed their dedicated as they competed for a chance to be the winner. The heightened awareness resulted in a more fans for the page, which in turn resulted in a more lively social media platform where people engaged with the daily posts, and discussed music topics with each other.

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