KidZ Entertainment

( Poster Design - In-Store/Mall Branding - Multimedia Branding )

KidZania is an international brand of interactive edutainment that presents a play and learn environment for children. A platform that allows children to experience a real world – different from the real world.

With a calendar of events for each year, KidZania organizes an annual Summer Camp for children of ages between four to sixteen where kids are encouraged to participate in various role-playing activities that encourage creativity and their favorite hobbies.

To design for the annual KidZania Summer Camp we connected with our childlike creativity. As part of the project, we were asked to create

communications that were true to the brand message and visually appealing to kids of
all ages. All the while, endorsing the value of
extra-curricular activities particularly during the off summer season; sending across a message about the benefits of role-play to parents
across the Emirate. With a word play on ‘Summer’ we branded the camp as ‘Zummer’ Camp. Ultimately creating an identity that became an umbrella for KidZania’s Rightskeepers – Urbano, Chika, Bache, Vita and BeBop. Zummer Camp became an identity that can be revived annually. It allows for freedom of concept and visualization with plenty of room to customize each creative for every activity found at the camp.

Moving on, when KidZania Zummer Camp entered the Holy Month of Ramadan, the camp’s theme, branding and activities were tailored to the essence of the month. The characters had a significant wardrobe change. Each adorned conservative Muslim attire. Graphic shapes were replaced with Islamic elements. The camp key visual changed from the umbrella to a Khaimah or tent.

The physical activities during the camp became more festive and centered on teaching kids about the importance of Ramadan, importance of fasting and visual narrations of significant stories related to the month.