Pioneering Cool.

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York is a household name amongst the world’s leading cooling technologies. York’s history of 135 years is established on an iconic series of firsts that define the cooling industry around the world.

York’s operations in Saudi Arabia catapult the brand to the forefront of the market. Cooling residential and commercial establishments all across the country. Moreover, to celebrate the brand’s positioning, York was looking to launch an advertising campaign that not only highlighted the brand’s features and product benefits, but also announced their unrivalled market position.

In a print-driven campaign, we creatively and symbolically related the brand’s success to the size of an iceberg, while comparing the physical qualities of an iceberg to a York air-conditioning unit – which is just the tip of a gigantic cooling system that may not be large in size but is surely large and powerful in performance and cooling.

This brand messaging and visualization took the print media by storm in KSA. With print ads, hoardings, magazine ads and roll-up banners we all recognized the York brand for the greatness it has earned over a century of cooling lives.