Elephants are big and gentle creatures who respect intelligence and problem solving.


The Elephant School of Cloud is a simple and effective thinking process that helps us stay productive, focused and creatively involved.

Why Cloud?

Clouds are a visible mass of our thoughts, words and ideas floating in our atmosphere, high above the general level of imagination.

1. The Exploration Cloud

Mental exploration begins the moment we receive a client brief. We dissect the document, debrief it and look for one key insight that sets our entire thought process in motion.

Once we find what we’re looking for, we start questioning. We question common conceptions, general points-of-view. We challenge what we know in an attempt to discover something new.

We figure out what is the purpose of communication? We construct or deconstruct the brand personality. We research the audience. Define the brand language and create a brand positioning that uplifts the creative process.

2. The Idea Cloud

With a brand DNA in place, we transform our thought process into a message. What do we want to say? What impression do we want to make on our audience? What is the big idea behind the brand communication?

The big idea then inspires all visual and verbal messaging. It identifies with the objective of communication and the audience.

We create a concept that is interesting and compelling. An original creative expression that leaves a positive impression of the brand’s values.

3. The Design Cloud

During the design process we translate strategy into visual concepts, and words into brand conversations. We experiment with visual styles. Build a visual language of communication. Follow guidelines. Make new ones.

This. Is where our big idea starts taking shape. It starts to deliver the message with context and creativity. We imagine consumer responses. We gauge perceptions.

We continue to tweak. Adjust and improve. Until we reach a point where we are sure that our message is clear and ready to be seen and read.

4. The Launch Cloud

The launch phase is the most exhilarating part of the process. Where our brand communication is ready to face the world. The business is ready to interact with the audience, and ready to share its story through traditional and digital media.

The launch is also the phase where we test the brand’s performance – and the team’s performance. It is a test of our brand strategy, media planning and buying.

The success of the brand or campaign is determined at this point. And while this is the phase where we feel most jumpy, we know everything we learn during the launch only helps us evaluate and improve the process for the future.

5. The Analysis Cloud

The Analysis Cloud is where we analyze our performance. We gather data to see the result of our creative and strategic decisions. We gain a sense of clarity on the best way forward. We identify gaps in the process, should there be any. And develop a counter process that fills performance gaps.

Moreover, we outline best methods of evaluation in an attempt to make sure we don’t miss out on any creative aspect or platform. We revisit our media plans. Crunch numbers and translate them into levels of success.